FDA Considers Criminal Case Against Peanut Company; More Natural/Organic Products Added to Recall List


The FDA has confirmed its Office of Criminal Investigations is involved in a Justice Department investigation of the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA), ground zero for the salmonella outbreak that has infected 550 patients in 43 states and killed 8.


According to the New York Times, PCA found salmonella in peanut products a dozen times in 2007–2008, but the company retested them until they received clean results—an illegal practice.

The FDA has identified more than 1,000 firms that purchased PCA products, including organic food companies. PCA did, in fact, supply organic peanut butter and peanut products to many natural and organic food manufacturers.

Companies continue to issue voluntary recalls, and the list is expected to grow. Please continue to check the FDA’s searchable list, as it’s updated daily. Scroll down our home page, and you’ll find a tool that allows you to search directly through our site.


My most recent search for natural and organic products revealed some new recalls:

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