FDA Issues Guidance on Salmonella Outbreak

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With 683 confirmed cases of salmonella infection in 46 states, the FDA has issued a formal Guidance to food manufacturers that use peanut ingredients.


Manufacturers who buy peanuts, peanut butter and paste, and other peanut-derived products must source their ingredients from suppliers whose production processes have demonstrated adequate reduction of the presence of salmonella bacteria.

Companies must also ensure their own manufacturing processes adequately reduce the presence of salmonella.

According to the CDC, illnesses are still being reported among people who have eaten recalled peanut-derived products contaminated with salmonella bacteria. The agency is concerned that illnesses will continue to occur if people eat products that may still be on their shelves at home.

FDA and CDC officials continue to urge consumers to check the FDA’s online database before eating any peanut-derived products. Also check the list for recalled pet foods and treats.

The list continues to grow and is updated frequently. Recent natural and organic product recalls include:

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