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The 5 Best U.S. Farmers Markets to Find Summer’s Freshest Fruits and Veggies

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The 5 Best U.S. Farmers Markets to Find Summer’s Freshest Fruits and Veggies

Grab your tote bags and fill them with squeaky green zucchinis, rambunctious leafy greens, and delectable local foods that scream: It’s summer!

Whether you pop down to your neighborhood market on a weekly basis or make a special trip into the city every month, strolling the colorful lanes of a farmers market is a summertime rite of passage. Ripe berries, juicy peaches, and just-picked corn beg you to be taken home and devoured. How about a chocolate-stuffed pastry or a slice of artisan cheddar? Breathe deep the aromas of dark-roast coffee and check out the street performers. And try this hatch chile salsa – it’s delicious.

Slow Down & Shop

Slowing down to savor the market experience and talk with merchants touches a deep nostalgia. It provides a much-needed antidote for the zip-zip efficiency of modern life. Are you ready to check out the best farmers markets in the U.S.? Slip on your comfy shoes – and don’t forget to grab a bouquet of flowers on your way out.

From the Organic Authority Files

5 Fantastic Farmers Markets: Where to Buy Local Foods

  1. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – Shop for unique specialty items and wild ingredients at this beloved indoor/outdoor market in San Francisco. Pick up some Nepalese dumplings, duck eggs, and pomelos from the South Pacific. The market is open three days, and each has a different theme: organic produce on Tuesday, artisanal street food on Thursday, and local celebrity chef sightings on Saturday. Enjoy a stroll along the Embarcadero after your shopping adventure.
  2. Pike Place Market – Seattle’s famous waterfront market is best known for the fishmongers who fling their products through the air. But you’ll also find a dazzling array of produce, flowers, and handmade crafts. Chat with farmers and watch chef demonstrations. Pack a picnic basket full of foraged mushrooms, sweet huckleberries, and cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven.
  3. TD Saturday Market – Located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, this weekly farmers market only sells food that is grown or produced within 100 miles of the city. Live music and cooking demonstrations add to the festive, friendly atmosphere. Shop for chow chow relish, just-baked banana bread, and garlic dill kimchi. Heirloom tomatoes and organic microgreens abound. Get there early if you want to snag the fresh-made pasta.
  4. Davis Farmers Market – Discover fruits and vegetables that are fresher than fresh at this sprawling market, which is situated right on the cusp of California’s agricultural heart. Everything in the market is either made or grown by the seller, and eco-friendly farms and family-owned operations are well represented. Load up on shiny organic produce, local honey, and farmstead cheese – and be sure to try a gourmet popsicle.
  5. Portland Farmers Market – Located at Portland State University, this hipster enclave features 140 booths and a focus on small-batch, handcrafted local foods. Buy regional treats like marionberries and free-range bison meat. Find drool-worthy organic crepes, locally cured bacon, and steaming hot tamales.

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