Return to Easy Living: 5 Great Foodie and Farmer Blogs

Ready to get your hands dirty and your kitchen stocked with foods you raised yourself? Then you’re ready to graduate from just “foodie” blogs and enter farmer-food territory. These five blogs are on the top of our list for learning about homesteading, whether urban or rural, and all about making delicious foods from a homegrown landscape.

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

Urban Homestead

Urban Homestead has been a dedicated resource for urban farming, foraging, and general self-sufficiency for years now, and it’s the blogging lovechild of a real family that began their journey together in the ‘80s. With a thriving family urban homestead located in Pasadena, CA, the blog is an homage to all things food, farming, and food politics. Hop on their site to learn about gardening, cooking, staycationing, making music, and so much more—all in the name of raising good food and leading a self-sufficient lifestyle. A fun site with lots of practical information!

Farmgirl Fare

At Farmgirl Fare, follow the culinary and farm adventures of a woman who left behind her bakery business and life in California 17 years ago to move to Missouri and have a go at rural being. Not long after that, she moved onto a 240-acre farm to further pursue remote, sustainable living. On the website you’ll find a wealth of food and farming information, from the Recipe Index (which breaks down home-style recipes by category—Appetizers, Dressings, Breads, and the like), to the linked-out kitchen garden journal, to the good ol’ regular blog posts.

The Pioneer Woman

Few food blog enthusiasts today are unfamiliar with The Pioneer Woman. She’s taken farm-and-food blogging to the spotlight, and has really helped give it a positive spin in the mainstream. Another modern woman who took the plunge for a rural life, her story is of falling in love with a “cowboy” and moving to a working cattle ranch, where she now resides and blogs from. Here you’ll read about home-style cooking, mastering photography, gardening, and homeschooling children. There’s a marked sexy, contemporary spin on all of the content in the blog, which is what gives it that mainstream appeal that so many love.


DigginFood is the sleek blog of Master Gardener and garden writer Willi Galloway, whose gardening career began at Organic Gardening magazine. Galloway infuses her personal blog with pieces on seasonal cooking, edible gardening, and DIY projects. The website is clean, chic, and appealing to those perhaps not yet ready to farm, but definitely ready to dig into gardening.

Root Simple

Root Simple is devoted to backyard farming from the perspective of two Los Angelenos with a simple bungalow and plot of just 1 ½ acres. In their blog, you’ll learn about raising chickens, growing herbs and vegetables, making and drinking home brews, and getting back to all of our roots. New blogs are posted several times a week, so there’s always something interested to read on any random day.

Image adapted from ICCNS, Flickr, Creative Commons 2.0