From Our Friends (April 1, 2011)


We have some FANTASTIC articles from our friends to share with you this week! Between castles made of cans, senior citizens going out to save the world, ancient artificats, safe cities, and sports teams going green you have PLENTY to keep you busy during your down time today! Enjoy these articles and have a great weekend!

1. You HAVE to check out this article in the Atlantic about curious castles... there is one made of beer cans!

2. Tonic is reporting that an 84 year old Oregon man has joined the Peace Corps! I guess it's never too late to follow your dreams...

From the Organic Authority Files

3. Artificats have been discovered in Texas that predate the earliest known by 2500 years, according to Environmental Graffiti!

4. Wisebread has put together a list of the 10 safest cities in America from natural disasters! We aren't moving anytime soon, but it makes you think!

5. Between baseball starting and the Final Four, it's important to point out six teams from the Pacific Northwest that have banded together to launch a Green Sports Alliance, according to Lohas Online.

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