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From Our Friends: July 12, 2012

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Happy Friday, dear OA readers! We've put together a great From Our Friends roundup for you this week. Find out how coriander oil can combat bacteria, read a wonderful bio on writer/yogi Elena Brower, stock your vegan pantry with 10 essentials, learn which 5 nutritional supplements increase your skin's collagen production, and find out why we are VERY excited about Mark Bittman's new partially vegan diet book. Enjoy these, and have a fantastic weekend!

1. For those of you cilantro lovers, there's an added benefit to this wonder herb. It fights bacteria! A new study suggests that the oil from its seeds (coriander oil) combats serious bacteria naturally! Find out more at MightyNest.

2. Stock up on these 10 basic essentials for your vegan pantry including beans, whole grains, non-dairy milk and a variety of seasonings. Read the whole thing over at EcoSalon.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. You're going to love Experience Life's cover story on how writer and yogi Elena Brower fosters personal development and community appreciation through yoga.

4. Though advertising would have us believe otherwise, healthy, youthful skin cannot be found in a jar quite yet. Instead, take a peek at The Organic Whey's list of 5 nutritional supplements that increase your skin's collagen production.

5. Fans of Mark Bittman (OA included!) will be happy to know that he is currently writing a book based on his "vegan before 6pm" diet he created for himself, perfect for those who accept moderation as a virtue. Read all about it at Blisstree.

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