From Our Friends: March 28, 2014

Welcome to this week’s installment of From Our Friends, a weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s edition includes a delightful natural toothpaste DIY, a sobering look at how different our world could be if everyone took up running, what holistic plastic surgery really means, how whey protein helps rejuvenate after exercise, why instant coffee pods are bad, how to sprout your own seeds at home, tons of Easter egg solutions for every household from vegan to traditional, and a new spin on kale to make the trend exciting again. Enjoy!

1. Inspired by “Divergent” star Shailene Woodley divulging some of the ingredients for her special DIY toothpaste formula on Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Gloss Health collected some delightful DIY natural toothpaste recipes to make your smile sparkle.

2. What if everyone ran? HooplaHa shared a startling infographic that poses the simple question and will blow you away with its answers. From 5 million fewer hospital visits per year to 135 million fewer hours spent watching TV per week– what if everyone ran?

3. Holistic plastic surgery is a concept that sets off red flags, especially when applied to cosmetic or elective beautifying procedures (as opposed to surgeries resulting from medical issues). So, can plastic surgery really be holistic? investigates.

4. Exhausted after exercise? Whey is a great source of energy to incorporate into your fitness routine. Learn how The Organic Whey builds back better and improves workout recovery now! (Don’t forget, The Organic Whey now available via too!)

5. Have you traded convenience for taste? You might not think so, but let’s chat about your morning coffee. All of the K-cups (the name for the Keurig pods) sold in 2013 could wrap around the Earth 10.5 times. EcoSalon explains why our addiction to coffee pods is expensive, low quality, and destructive.

6. Curious about how to sprout seeds? Start with live seeds (you can’t sprout seeds that are already dried or roasted), and follow Experience Life Magazine‘s simple steps with this easy-to-follow slideshow!

7. Peter Cottontail is on his way next month! Want something to fill with candy? This list has it! Want something extra-fun and unusual to do with yet another carton of hard-boiled eggs? This list has it! Crafting a Green World shares lots of fun eco-friendly and vegan alternatives to plastic eggs, as well as beautiful, creative, unusual ways to decorate traditional, edible Easter eggs.

8. Feeling a little over the kale trend? You may think “raw kale” sounds boring but Fit Bottomed Girls‘ yummy-sounding kale salad recipe is definitely anything but ordinary!

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