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From Our Friends: 11/11/11

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You're in for a treat this week, dear Organic Authority readers! We have put together a GREAT roundup of articles from our friends around the web. There is literally something for everyone, including posts on making your own stocks, 12 reasons why strawberries are magically healthy, an amazing bamboo bath scale that will transform your bathroom, the future of our oil dependence, and a thought-provoking piece on why a current Facebook meme is spreading awful ideas through the social network. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did! Have a great weekend! We'll see you tomorrow at our Online Cooking Lesson!

1. Homemade stocks are not a vestige of a bygone era or the exclusive territory of professional chefs. They’re a healthy, thrifty, practical tradition— and a great way to make the most of stuff that might otherwise go bad in your fridge. Find out more at Experience Life!

2. Do you love strawberries? Get ready to fall even deeper! MightyNest has a great article with 12 wonderful reasons to enjoy this delicious, healthy fruit.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. You may have seen a friend or two on Facebook sharing the photo that compares Gillian McKeith with Nigella Lawson—pointing out that Lawson smokes, drinks, eats meat and desserts and looks great, while McKeith is a health guru who, it’s implied, looks not-so-great. Blisstree is fed up, and implores you to stop the nonsense.

4. If you are into classy home decor, then you just may be as smitten as I am with this Bamboo Bath Scale on EcoSalon. It's eco-friendly, simple and gorgeous!

5. According to AlterNet, Americans are driving less and less. Here is what that means for the future of our oil dependence.

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