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From Our Friends: September 2, 2011

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Okay, it's true. September is here, Fall is on its way, and chances are - if you love the sunshine and the beach - you aren't too happy about it. But don't fret! With all the great articles we've found for you this week, you should have no problem forgetting all about it for the time being. Take a quick (re: extended) coffee break and enjoy this week's From Our Friends. Because you deserve it.

1. Carrie Vitt, author of Deliciously Organic, did a guest post for MightyNest on how to switch to being organic. Plus, she threw in a yummy quinoa recipe!

2. Experience Life thinks that if you’re not at least a little concerned about your health, you’re probably not paying attention.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Read quotes and inspiring words from waste free lunch experts on EcoMom!

4. The end of Summer doesn’t have to mean the start of seasonal depression. Blisstree shows you why.

5. What can we learn from all the celebrities dieting in the news? Find out on Huffington Post.

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