Give Our National Parks Some TLC


More than 275 million people visit America’s national parks each year, but “years of underfunding, pollution and climate change have taken a toll on our national treasures,” says Theresa Pierno, executive vice president of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA).

That’s why four-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year Kenny Chesney has partnered with granola-bar company Nature Valley to raise up to $500,000 for the NPCA. .

“To me, there’s nothing better than being outside, enjoying the parks, the lakes and the oceans—and that’s what makes protecting our national parks so important,” Chesney says. “Teaming up with Nature Valley to raise awareness and funds is a great way to make sure the public realizes how special these parks are.”


You may make a donation to support restoration projects by clicking here

In the first year, Nature Valley will contribute to the NPCA through the National Parks Project, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $250,000. Money raised will focus on three preservation projects:

  1. Reestablishing plant life critical to the Grand Canyon
  2. Restoring habitat for Yellowstone’s wildlife
  3. Rebuilding Biscayne National Park’s damaged coral reefs

Pierno says the new partnership “is another step toward ensuring our national parks get the care and support they need for the enjoyment of our children and grandchildren in the years to come.”

You can follow park conservation efforts on Twitter.

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Photos courtesy of Kenny Chesney; Jim Peaco/National Park Service

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