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May is National Pet Month 

With 25% of dogs and cats in the western world reportedly obese, our pets are battling a health crisis of their own. As with obese humans, weight-challenged animals run a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and joint and hip difficulties, among other medical problems. 


“Americans spend over $41 billion annually on pet-related goods and services, yet animal obesity persists,” says Paul Mann, founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care, a company that offers professional pet-sitting and dog-walking services. 

“Despite how much they love and provide for their pet,” he adds, “many owners apparently overlook exercise as a fundamental way to foster their dog’s or cat’s happiness, overall well-being and longevity—or they simply don’t have the time to properly exercise their pet on a regular basis.” 

That’s why Fetch! has instituted “Go Fetch!”—a fitness service that helps animals get up, move and have fun for sustained periods during each visit. Sitters arrive at the client’s home outfitted with balls, Frisbees, play toys, string and sheer enthusiasm, giving dogs and cats a fun-filled workout. 

Each animal’s exercise regimen is carefully tailored to the pet’s age, ability, health conditions, preferences and temperament. 

Enter your zip code on the company’s website to find the Fetch! Pet Care provider nearest you. The company also offers an at-a-glance comparison of its approach to at-home pet care with other available options. Click here for details. 

Tune in tomorrow for Mann’s tips on pet-focused “phys ed.” 

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