Go Nuts!

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On Friday, I posted a recipe for Nutty Stuffed Mushroom Caps, courtesy of the Walnut Marketing Board.


Did you know walnuts qualify as a super-food? Chalk it up to their “significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids,” says registered dietitian and Food Network host Ellie Krieger (right). “No other nut even comes close—not to mention the great flavor and texture they add to dishes from appetizers to salads, entrees and desserts.” 

Contrary to what the anti-fat brigade promulgates, all of us require some fat in our diets. The best way to meet this nutritional need is to opt for the “good” fats found in foods like walnuts.

“Eating a handful of walnuts every day is one of the easiest ways you can improve your diet,” Krieger says. “And adding walnuts to favorite dishes improves taste and health.” 

When shopping at your local natural and organic food store, consider some of Krieger’s culinary suggestions:

  • Substitute ground walnuts for some of the meat in meat loaf and meatballs. Make a large batch and freeze leftovers. 
  • Toast a large batch of walnuts and keep them on hand in the freezer for use in salads, side dishes, desserts or as a snack. 
  • Replace part of the butter in a tart crust with chopped nuts. 
  • Have healthy grab-and-go food on hand: walnuts and dried fruit in baggies, individual yogurts, and easy-travel fruit like apples and tangerines.

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