Happy Mother's Day!

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Earlier this month, Lifetime Networks announced the results of its first FemiNation Poll, an ongoing research project on American women’s attitudes. 


The survey of 2,000 mothers reveals how they feel about juggling career and parenthood, how they grade their parenting skills and how they plan to celebrate Mother’s Day: 

  • While virtually every mom said she makes sacrifices for her family, all that most want on Mother’s Day is a simple “thank you.” That said, 73% are optimistic about getting something, 82% expect to get a gift of some kind from their kids, and only 15% doubt their kids will get them anything at all.
  • Almost 60% of working moms find it difficult to balance parenting and their jobs. 
  • Among “empty nest” moms, 88% are at least somewhat confident they’ll get a call today from their kids who don’t live at home. 
  • The most desired Mother’s Day gift (after a card) is “a day of no chores or responsibilities.” This tops jewelry by a 5:1 ratio. Only 3% indicated that jewelry is what they’d most like to receive. 
  • “Dinner at a nice restaurant” ranks as the gift that married moms would most like to receive from their husbands (19%). Go organic, guys! It’s not too late to make reservations. 
  • When thinking about their ideal day, most moms would rather relax at home (55%) than have a night out on the town (10%). 
  • Despite their hectic lives, more than 75% of moms grade their performance as above average. Today’s mothers believe their job is harder than it was for their moms. About 55% give their performance a “B,” while 23% feel they deserve an “A.”

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