Have Your Pets Gone Organic?

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As the popularity of organic food grows and people realize the benefits of a diet rich in natural ingredients, parents are now looking for safe and healthy foods for their four-legged “kids,” too.


“Pets are considered family members by most people, so it’s understandable that they want them to have the same high-quality foods as everyone else in the household,” says Shelley Gunton, CEO of Castor & Pollux Pet Works, a company that makes natural and organic pet food and treats.

Diane Noble, mom to golden retriever Bailey and a short-haired cat named Kid, is one of these people. After the pet-food recall last spring, she decided to start feeding Bailey a new brand of organic food, but she didn’t realize it should be gradually introduced for her dog’s digestive system to acclimate.

“Poor Bailey’s tummy was so upset,” Noble says. “She was running from the room because of the smells she was making. I thought the food just wasn’t right for her. It never crossed my mind that I needed to take steps to switch her food slowly and safely.”

After learning how to do it right, Noble also successfully switched Kid to the new organic food.

“During the change-over process, Kid would pick the organic pieces out from the others and eat them first because they were his favorite!” Noble recalls.

“More people are looking at what’s in their pet’s food these days and finding that organics provide some peace of mind,” Gunton confirms. That’s why her company markets the Go Organic Kit for Dogs and Cats, featuring the Organix brand of certified organic foods and treats.


“Because only ‘certified organic’ pet food and treats have gone through a regulatory certification process to ensure the utmost safety and quality, the Go Organic Kit will help pet parents be confident in what they’re feeding their dogs and cats,” Gunton says.

Housed in reusable containers, the kits contain everything needed to switch to an organic diet—including wet and dry food, as well as treats—to make the process easy and affordable.

Tune in tomorrow for an interview with Dr. Edward Moser, a veterinarian and animal nutritionist who advises several top U.S. pet-food companies. He’ll explain the safe way to make the switch to organic pet food.

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