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As noted a week ago, Americans need to close the whole-grain gap. Most of us fail to meet our daily dietary requirements.

With August vacations behind us and the school year upon us, New York City dietitian Jackie Newgent offers some great ways to turn your bland morning cereal into a breakfast superstar. Newgent is the author of Big Green Cookbook: Hundreds of Planet-Pleasing Recipes and Tips for a Luscious, Low-Carbon Lifestyle.

Dress Up Your Cereal. Don’t serve cereal with plain ol’ milk. Opt for fat-free milk and fruit or low-fat yogurt (or fat-free soy milk and fruit). Try exotic fruits that are new to you, or pick up some peak-season selections from your local farmers’ market. There are endless varieties.

Make a Cereal Sundae. Layer your favorite organic whole-grain cereal in a wine, martini or parfait glass, along with low-fat yogurt and seasonal fruit. Check out last month’s recipe for Mandarin Orange Cereal Bowl.

Mix-and-Match Cereals to Create Your Favorite Combo. You know you should choose an organic high-fiber cereal. But if its flavors fail to satisfy you, mix it with a lower-fiber cereal. (Sugary kids’ cereals don’t count!) You’ll get the best of both worlds: nutrition and taste.

Snacks and Other Meals

Bag It to Go. Toss cereal, dried fruit and nuts in travel-size containers. Try dried cranberries and almonds for a nutritious kick and super flavor.

Sprinkle It…Just a Bit. Want to add a little crunch to a salad or casserole? Top it with a crunchy, high-fiber organic cereal instead of croutons, French-fried onions or potato chips.

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