Holiday Travel: A Pain in the Neck (and Back)

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As promised in yesterday’s blog entry, Body-Conscious Holiday Travel, we’re offering some last-minute tips on caring for your body and organic spirit when you fly or drive home for the holidays.

“Because travel can completely change your regular routine, it can be very tough on your body—and stressful, too,” says Dr. Scott Donkin, a chiropractor, author of “Sitting on the Job” and ergonomics expert. “See your chiropractor to help assure healthy travel. He or she is trained to diagnose and relieve problems of the spine and nervous system.”

Dr. Donkin and the American Chiropractic Association offer these additional tips for healthy holiday travel:

  • While seated, occasionally vary your position to improve circulation and avoid leg cramps. Massage legs and calves. Bring your legs in, and move your knees up and down.
  • Adjust the air control so air is not blowing directly on you, or simply turn it off. A draft can increase tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Shrug your shoulders up and down, as well as back and forth. Stretch your neck gently from side to side. Take deep breaths and exhale regularly.
  • If you’ll be driving, first adjust the seat to your body. Vary your arm position on the steering wheel and breathe deeply, which increases airflow, stimulates circulation and reduces fatigue.
  • Whether driving or flying, stretch after you reach your destination. Take the time to stretch your neck, shoulders and legs to increase circulation.

Have a great trip!

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