Holiday Weight-Management Tips for Organic Families (Part 3)

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Over the last two days, I’ve posted holiday weight-management tips from Netty Levine, a registered dietitian at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. (Click on the following links to read Part 1 and Part 2.) Today, concludes this article series with Levine’s final suggestions. 


Baking Savvy. When baking holiday cookies, buy smaller cookie cutters. Sample fewer cookies by munching on other sweets like diced apples, pears and strawberries, which you can place near the cooking area. Also keep some sparkling water or water with lemon wedges close by. 

Surviving Holiday Meals. At holiday meals, eat more of the roasted turkey, as it’s naturally lower in fat and calories. Take smaller portions of gravy and stuffing, and avoid that second piece of pie. Naturally sweetened cranberry sauce, plain baked yams and light whipped cream or fat-free frozen yogurt on pie will allow you to enjoy traditional holiday foods, while keeping calories down. 

Leftover Largesse. If a holiday party is held at your house, send some of the leftovers home with your guests. 

Slow Down! Encourage your kids and family members to eat slowly, which will help everyone eat less, yet feel full and satisfied. 

“Maintain.” During the holidays, set a realistic goal to “maintain, not gain” weight. 

Be Positive. Don’t let your weight and cravings take control of you.

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