How Healthy Is Santa? (Part 2)

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What steps do you take to protect your skin during cold winter months? Do you have a favorite organic moisturizer or lip balm? If so, share it with us by posting a response to this blog entry. 

If anyone needs to be proactive about winter skin care, it’s Santa—and we should take our cues from him. 

“Typically, doctors caution patients about avoiding harsh winter conditions, but in Santa’s case, that’s impossible—living at the North Pole, flying around the world in the frosty winter air,” says Victor Marks, MD, a dermatologist in Danville, PA, and president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. “If a person must work outside in the cold, then we advise patients to protect their skin. I imagine that one of Santa’s secrets for his yearly ride across the globe is that he takes precautions to avoid skin damage. The downside of not taking precautions can range from discomfort to disease. I’ve seen Santa with warm gloves to protect his hands, and I suspect that he uses a lip balm. 

“I do get worried about his rosy cheeks,” Dr. Marks adds. “I wonder if that’s windburn from flying all night or sunburn from daylight reflecting off the snow.” 

Mrs. Claus needs to apply sunscreen to Santa’s cheeks each morning, Dr. Marks suggests—something the rest of us need to consider, as well. 

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