Impress Your Sweetie With an Organic Valentine's Day Dinner for Two

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Whether it’s football, basketball or baseball, most guys dedicate several days of the week to watching sports. As a celebrity chef and one of People magazine’s 50 Hottest Bachelors, Dave Lieberman recommends making up for too much guy time by preparing a special date-night menu for two this Valentine’s Day.


“Any guy can take a woman to a restaurant and slap down his credit card,” Lieberman says. “If you really want to impress a date, you should cook for her. My secrets to creating a romantic meal include pulling in recipes that use the flavors of the season and having the right tools for a laid-back kitchen that cooks. I also recommend streamlining kitchen tasks to not only maximize time with your special someone, but also be more energy-efficient.”

Lieberman offers the following three tips on planning a romantic meal:

Don’t Stress to Impress. To avoid food catastrophes while entertaining, stick to what you know, and don’t try to overdo it with unfamiliar recipes. If you want to try something new, have a “rehearsal dinner” before the big night.

Top-Notch Tools. When cooking and entertaining, it’s always nice to have tools that make the job easier.

Planet-Friendly Pointer. To save time and energy in the kitchen, take out all of your refrigerated ingredients at the same time. Spread them out in an organized fashion, which helps make the cooking process more streamlined. Plus, it minimizes the number of times you open your refrigerator door. Every time the door opens, refrigerator energy consumption increases by 10%.

Tune in tomorrow for Dave’s special Valentine’s Day recipe: Warm Griddle Salad With Chicken and Apples.

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