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Iowa Egg Farm Grinds Up Baby Chicks Alive


Hy-Line North America's hatchery in Spencer, Iowa can’t turn on a profit on male chicks. Males can’t lay eggs and don’t grow quick enough for meat. So—and please be warned, this is a graphic video—male baby chickens are sorted from females and disposed of, but throwing them into a grinder, alive.

This shocking piece of tape was taken with a hidden camera by a Mercy for Animals—a group advocating a vegan diet—employee who got a job at the plant. The video shows chicks having their beaks cut with a laser, scolded to death with hot water and left to die on the floor of facility.

Company representatives call the grinding of unwanted male chicks "instantaneous euthanasia" and say its standard practice and supported by the veterinary community. Who cares if it is or not! This is disgusting and food producers should be held to a much higher standard than this. It’s vile!

From the Organic Authority Files

Via The Huffington Post.

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