It's OK to Be a Brat

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We’re gearing up for grilling season at Organic Authority. I’ve covered organic hot dogs (beef, pork and chicken) and soy-based vegetarian alternatives. But if you’re from the Midwest, bratwurst—a flavorful coarse-ground pork sausage—may be your top choice.

You can find organic bratwurst at your local natural food store. Several brands are available:

Need grilling advice? The following tips were provided by Mike Zeller, corporate developmental chef for Johnsonville Sausage in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (the unofficial bratwurst capital of the United States):

  • Avoid high flames. The perfect brat is cooked low and slow. This means low to moderate heat, for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, turning about every five minutes with long-handled barbecue tongs.
  • Use a clean grill to help reduce flare up.
  • Recognize when your brats are cooked. Golden-brown perfection is hard to taste if your brats are charred to a crisp. Burning isn’t grilling!

Tune in tomorrow for some special recipes that will make your weekend.

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