Jalapeno, Serrano Peppers Grown in the United States Not Connected to Salmonella Outbreak


The FDA announced yesterday that jalapeño and serrano peppers grown in the United States are not connected with the current salmonella outbreak.


The agency warns consumers to avoid raw jalapeño peppers and foods that contain them if they’ve been grown, harvested or packed in Mexico.

Domestically grown raw jalapeño peppers, as well as commercially canned, pickled and cooked jalapeño peppers from all geographic locations, are not connected with the outbreak.

The FDA has also determined that the Agricola Zarigoza produce distribution center in McAllen, Texas—the location where the agency took the positive jalapeño pepper sample—was not the original source of contamination.

Individuals in high-risk populations—the elderly, infants and those with impaired immune systems—should avoid eating raw serrano peppers from Mexico or foods made with them until further notice.


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Photos courtesy of the FDA

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