Jamie Oliver Is Everywhere: The Chef’s New Android App

Jamie Oliver is at it again. Celebrity chef and the host of TV’s award winning “Food Revolution” has just brought his “Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals” app to Android mobile devices everywhere.

With 60 recipes to choose from, Oliver presents them to his tech-savvy users one step at a time along with photos to boot. There’s even a shopping list featuring all the necessary ingredients sorted by grocery aisle. Plus, Oliver has included 21 videos exclusively shot for the app showing Oliver in the kitchen using tips, tricks and basic kitchen skills to aid fans in their culinary explorations.

While iPhone users have had access to “Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals” for some time, now there are new menu items to choose from in his free “Jamie’s Recipes” iPhone app released in January. “Jamie’s Recipes” offers different pack upgrades so you can sort by dietary preferences. No word when it will be available on Android.

The mobile phone app world is a common ingredient for chefs wanting to be accessible to their audiences when they’re shopping at the supermarket and while in the kitchen. And this might not be more important to any chef right now than Jamie Oliver who has been in a struggle with the Los Angeles Unified School District over his attempts to film season two of “The Food Revolution” at various area schools. With consistent rejections by the school board to allow Oliver and his camera crew in schools, he’s pulled publicity stunts, opened a teaching kitchen in Brentwood and most recently hit the streets in his massive 18-wheeler mobile kitchen.

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