Jamie Oliver Reaches Out to Struggling Teens

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I’m pleased to report that Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has found a fan base. 

Friday night, when Oliver’s six-episode series airs, is generally home to low-viewership programs (“where good shows go to die,” in Hollywood speak). But the second episode of Food Revolution, which last week aired opposite NCAA men’s college basketball, pulled in a respectable 7.51 million viewers. 

In tonight’s episode (9 p.m. ET/PT), Oliver continues to convince Huntington, WV, residents to offer fresh food in schools, despite opposition from the elementary school’s head cook.

Rhonda McCoy, school food services director, ultimately gives Oliver the green light to cook for the town’s high school, where he discovers a secret weapon: a group of motivated teenagers who understand the need for dietary changes. You’ll meet: 

  • Brittany, whose lifelong weight problem has caused irreversible liver damage and shortened her life expectancy
  • Marisa, whose father died prematurely as a result of obesity
  • Robert (see photo), a football player who struggles with his weight
  • Brian, whose family is plagued by obesity
  • Emily, who dreams of attending culinary school 

Oliver asks these teens to prepare a surprise gourmet meal for their state senator, local legislators and community leaders so he can raise the funding needed to teach school staff how to cook fresh food. 

Our advice: Tune in or set the TiVo/DVR.

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Photo: Holly Farrell/ABC

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