Jessica Biel’s Kid-Friendly Restaurant to Open this Spring in LA, But Don’t Try to Get a Table

Jessica Biel's Kid-Friendly Restaurant to Open this Spring in LA, But Don't Try to Get a Table

As if Jessica Biel wasn’t annoying enough for snagging Mr. Sexy Back Justin Timberlake, the luckiest lady in America has now also snagged all the hearts of American children, too. At least, all the hearts of Hollywood kids. No, not in a Hansel and Gretel-eating witch way. Biel is opening up a kid-friendly restaurant and bakery. Take note, Chuck E. Cheese.

Called Au Fudge, the Los Angeles-based restaurant is slated to open in the spring in West Hollywood.

Not without its struggles, the restaurant just got its permits and the original chef involved in the project, Vic Casanova, has parted ways with Biel and Au Fudge. But that doesn’t seem to be slowing the project down. A mid-May open date is anticipated.

However, judging from the restaurant’s Instagram pics, even though it’s touted as kid-friendly, it may not be all that appealing to parents of said kids. Au Fudge boasts rainbow-colored bread, pasta and desserts that seem to be loaded with artificial colors and lots of sugar, and a pinch or two of celebrity magic sprinkled in to somehow make these unhealthy foods seem acceptable for kids.

But don’t worry too much about your kids OD-ing on the rainbow soft serve at Au Fudge, because chances are you and your kids won’t be able to score a table anyway. The restaurant is a place that Biel says is for her fellow A-listers with children (Biel and Timberlake are expecting their first child). Because after all, who wants to be a celebrity in a fancy restaurant with their kids sugar-rushing all over the place? At least at Au Fudge, fellow celebs and their munchkins won’t be snapping photos of your tot’s meltdown to post on Instagram.

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