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Do you have 70 minutes this evening to learn three secrets for rapidly relieving the most common health ailments—such as a sore throat or painful earache—without spending lots of money on repeated doctor visits and expensive prescriptions?


Organic Authority Publisher Laura Klein will host a free teleseminar this evening with special guest Steven Horne, a professional clinical herbalist and father of five children who has had fewer than five physician visits in 25 years. Steven, former president of the American Herbalists Guild, has lectured all over North America and in many foreign countries on natural healing and herbs.

Tonight, you’ll have a chance to learn a few of his top secrets in the free teleseminar he's offering to Organic Authority subscribers. The call takes place at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time/6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

The school year is quickly approaching. You’ll want to arm yourself with Steven’s techniques to weather the cold and flu season and keep your family healthy.

Reservations are going quickly, so don’t miss this important live event. We have room for only 197 callers, so dial in early to avoid getting bounced. Click here for call-in information.

And it’s not too late to tell a friend about this live event. Pass this information on to anyone who might benefit from learning about natural healing and herbal home remedies.

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