JUST Announces Distribution Partner for Plant-Based Egg in Europe

just egg

JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) is bringing its plant-based egg alternative Just Egg to Europe. The scrambled egg alternative will be produced and distributed by Italian egg company Eurovo.

Andrew Noyes, Head of Communications at JUST, tells FoodNavigator-USA that the company intends to source the primary ingredients for the product and provide them to Eurovo for production.

Eurovo President Siro Lionello notes in a statement that the alliance “fits into an innovation and sustainability strategy that began more than 20 years ago with Eurovo Group’s investments in alternative farming of cage-free, free-range and organic eggs and egg products, as well as an antibiotic-free egg and egg products portfolio​.”

“Balancing modernity and tradition while embracing changing consumer preferences and reducing our environmental footprint is a cornerstone of our business and this relationship ensures that this approach will continue,” he continues.

Josh Tetrick, JUST co-founder and CEO, notes that during visits of both JUST and Eurovo facilities, “there was a sense of mutual respect and admiration for innovation and science.”

“Despite our differences in approach,” he continues, “together we can bring food that’s better for consumers and better for the planet, to more people, faster.”

Just Egg, which is made from water, mung bean protein, and canola oil, is already available in Veggie Grill restaurants across the United States, and, according to JUST, the product has also been approved for sale in several retailers, including Fresh Thyme, Giant, and Wegmans. While information about when the product will be available at these retailers is forthcoming, the company did recently announce that the egg substitute will be available to consumers via online retailer Jet beginning late next month.

According to JUST, the plant-based egg replacement takes 77 percent less water to produce than a traditional egg and emits 40 percent fewer greenhouse gases. Two top bloggers tell Plant Based News that the product’s texture and flavor are nearly indistinguishable from those of traditional eggs, something that Ben Roche, director of product development, tells ABC was one of the toughest aspects to get right.

“The last few steps of getting it just the right texture, just the right appearance, just the way that it cooks in the pan has actually been the biggest challenge,” Roche says.

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