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Kansas Residents Digging Local Community Supported Agriculture

My community supported agriculture is winding down. It's been slim pickings lately, mostly lettuce and a little squashes.


I think we've only got a few weeks left, and then it's off to finding cheap deals at the grocery store and farmers markets.

But people in southeast Kansas are still enjoying locally grown vegetables.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Josh Mitchell, proprietor of The Mitchell Family Farms in Kansas, has seen his customer base grow to nearly 50 members this year.

His CSA costs $400 for a full share and $200 for a half share, and goes for 20 weeks. Despite the price of community supported agriculture, Josh says more people are realizing it is better to go natural and avoid all the chemicals.

CSA's may be getting more mainstream, but some stereotypes still hold true, most of the people I see picking up their share are dressed in earth tones and wearing sandals.

Via Fox 14.

Image credit: sallycinnaminn

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