Keep Fido and Felix Fit and Trim

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May is National Pet Month 

Keeping your pet’s weight in check through daily exercise offers physical and emotional benefits. 


Here are some insights on the importance of pet-focused “phys ed” from Paul Mann, founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care, a company that offers professional pet-sitting and dog-walking services. 

Health. As with humans, daily exercise provides pets’ bodies with a variety of health benefits, including improved metabolism and digestion, enhanced immunity to ward off illness, increased bone and muscle density and overall strength, and maximized cardiovascular function. 

Energy. Daily walks or play sessions are a great way to energize lethargic and/or overweight pets, and it will give them a much-needed spring in their step. 

Temperament. High-strung, hyperactive or even aggressive dogs are often quite calm and relaxed after a good day’s workout. Regular exercise reduces anxiety. 

Sleep. Want a good night’s sleep? So does your pet. Daily exercise can greatly improve the quality of overnight slumber for both of you. 

Socialization. New pups, adopted pets, those received as gifts and/or timid animals especially benefit from daily playful interaction with humans and other pets. 

Happiness. Pets that exercise daily often thrive on—and return—the love and attention they receive from humans and furry friends. 

Longevity. Daily exercise is one way to increase your pet’s life span. Its health benefits can help your dog or cat live a longer, healthier and happier life. 

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