Kids on the Move (Part 2)

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Yesterday, I posted ideas for keeping kids active and confident in 2007. Here are some additional tips from Randy McCoy, curriculum director for The Little Gym International.

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  • Lead by example. Some kids aren’t eager to try new physical activities. To encourage them, don’t demand; demonstrate the skill yourself and provide positive motivation. Your child will likely want to give it a try.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition. Repetition of a skill is necessary for kids to internalize and eventually master it. It also gives them more opportunities to experience success, build confidence, and develop strength and endurance.
  • Safety matters. If your children are participating in organized physical activities, make sure they’re led by trained instructors. Sports equipment should be appropriately sized for children.
  • Don’t mistake kids’ physical development for Olympic training. Your child may be the fastest runner in the class, but this isn’t a reason to shun other activities in pursuit of a gold medal. Focus on fun and health—not fame and world records.

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