Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips

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Happy Thanksgiving from!


We hope you’ve had a chance to try some of our recent holiday recipes, including Nutty Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Candied Butternut Squash, Holiday Vegetable Stuffing, and Sweet Potato and Spiced Pecan Soup With Chive Chantilly.

Here are some last-minute tips for a joyful and safe organic Thanksgiving meal.

Focus on festive. Garnish every dish with color. Use items like grapes, kumquats, fresh herbs, cranberries and citrus zest. Serve organic wine in clear glasses to help guests appreciate its color.

Focus on food safety. Eat leftovers within three days, advises Karen Blakeslee, a Kansas State University Research and Extension food scientist. “If leftovers will not be used within three days, they should be wrapped, labeled and dated before being frozen for a future meal,” she says. “If well wrapped, cooked turkey generally freezes well for three to four months.”

While leftover turkey may be eaten hot or cold, side dishes and gravy should be reheated to 165°F, Blakeslee says. “A homemade pumpkin pie, which is a custard-style pie containing eggs, should be covered and refrigerated,” she says. “Leftover fruit pie, which typically is prepared without eggs, can be covered and stored on the counter. For best quality, refrigerate. Commercial pies that are not refrigerated typically are made from a commercial recipe in which the ingredients are shelf-stable. Refrigerating the pies at home is still a good idea.”

Focus on gratitude. Focus on your family and friends during the holiday, as well as everything else for which you can be thankful. “Remember to count your blessings this holiday season,” says Kathy Goldberg, a registered dietitian and culinary arts specialist at the University of Michigan Health System.

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