Live a More Sustainable Life

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Save a Tree

When you hit your local supermarket or natural and organic food store, bring a reusable fabric tote to carry your purchases.

If every American used one reusable shopping tote for each shopping trip, we could save about 60,000 trees.

Conserve even more carbon by walking to the store. 

Buy Organic Foods

Organic agriculture is inherently more sustainable than conventional farming. It is fundamentally designed to work in harmony with natural systems, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals that affect our ecosystems.

Even if you just commit to buying one organic food item—like peaches or milk or lettuce—it can help. 

Treat Yourself to a New Cookbook

Check out Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook, which offers tempting recipes that combine casual style with healthful ingredients.

Clean Green

Use natural cleaning products to reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins—and you’ll keep the planet healthier, too.

Photo courtesy of Earthbound Farm

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