London Spends £1M To Curb Commercial Food Waste

london food waste

Humans create a tremendous amount of food waste, and in London (like most developed countries) it’s especially bad. To help curb food waste, which has been tied to climate change, London’s mayor has launched a bold new program.

Mayor Boris Johnson recently announced a £1 million scheme that will help 240 small and medium-sized businesses reduce food waste over the next 18 months. Participating companies will receive a tailored program of support, from identifying where most food is wasted to helping businesses send food to people in need through organizations that redistribute food.

“The project, launched on Tuesday (November 12), aims to achieve overall savings for businesses of £360,000 and prevent 1,000 tonnes of food waste being sent to landfill,” according to Let’s Recycle.

The European Regional Development Fund is providing £500,000 for the project, while the Mayor of London has committed £370,000 and the remaining £130,000 is coming from the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB).

Supporters of the campaign realize that it will be impossible to eliminate 100 percent of all food waste. That’s where classic techniques like composting will be deployed for renewable energy generation.

“The [Sustainable Restaurant Association] will work with restaurants, hotels, pubs, canteens and quick service restaurants. Sustain, meanwhile, will work with business involved in food retail, food manufacturing and preparation; catering facilities; street food traders; market tall holders; wholesale markets and food growers; and farmers,” states Let’s Recycle.

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