Make Tonight an Organic Sandwich Night


Americans consume 300 million sandwiches daily—roughly one per U.S. resident each day. 

While we tend to think of the noble ’wich as lunch fare, Organic Sandwich Night is a great way for families to enjoy a nutritious dinner that requires minimal preparation. 

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend six 1-ounce servings of grain foods each day, half of which should come from whole grains—a goal many of us fail to meet. A dinnertime sandwich helps ensure you’re eating at least two of those servings. 

Here are some Organic Sandwich Night tips, courtesy of The Grain Foods Foundation: 

  1. Set up a sandwich bar in your kitchen or on your dinner table. Offer a variety of different whole-grain breads, meat/soy options, cheeses and vegetables. Let kids customize their own creations.
  2. Have a different family member take charge of Organic Sandwich Night each week. This allows the whole family to become involved in making healthful organic choices.
  3. Add some sizzle with a panini press—ideal for family members who like their sandwiches warm and toasty.
  4. Create theme nights, such as vegetarian or ethnic cuisine, to spark creativity.

7 Easy Recipes 

  1. Crunchy Elvis Sandwich
  2. Cheesy Apple Cinnamon Raisin Grill
  3. Rustic Grilled Cheese
  4. Cashew Turkey Croissants
  5. Egg and Vegetable Salad Sandwich
  6. Salmon Burgers with Dill Sauce (right)
  7. Spicy Ham & Egg Waffle Sandwiches

Photo: Love♥Janine

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