Making Safe Fish Choices


Yesterday’s recipe, Halibut Kabobs with California Dried Plums and Bay Leaves, originally called for swordfish, but this posed a problem.


Swordfish is one of Environmental Defense’s worst seafood choices because of mercury content and the eco-unfriendly way it’s caught.

That said, here’s a caveat on halibut: Pacific halibut is one of Environmental Defense’s eco-best choices, but Atlantic halibut makes the eco-worst list.

So, how do you know what’s safe to buy?

As a health-conscious organic consumer, please take the time to read our article, Which Fish Is Fit to Eat?—an excellent overview of environmental pollution, sustainability, mercury content and other heath risks.

And when shopping for fish, carry Environmental Defense’s “Pocket Seafood Selector” in your wallet. You can download the PDF file by clicking here.

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