Mandatory Labor-Law Posters Go Green

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Labor laws require businesses over a certain size to post employee rights, the minimum wage and safety information. These rules change frequently, which means new posters are needed to reflect updated laws. 


Now, these posters are going green at, which offers recycled—and recyclable—versions. 

The new posters are printed on recycled paper, using soy-based ink, and they’re recyclable because they’re not laminated. They bear the Forest Stewardship Council seal, which guarantees paper comes from forest lands managed to conserve biodiversity and support local communities. 

Posters are shipped in envelopes made from 100% recycled, clay-coated newsboard, with a minimum of 35% post-consumer waste. 

Office managers can check the company’s website for pending and current posting changes, as well as sign up for a free email notification service—another measure that reduces paper waste.

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