Mark Bittman’s Web Series is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Food

Mark Bittman has a new online series.

The sustainable and smart food fight just scored another win. Mark Bittman has joined forces KCETLink Media Group, a leading national independent, non-profit, public broadcast and digital network, the University of California (UC), and the Berkeley Food Institute, to create “California Matters with Mark Bittman.” The online web series began streaming in early July and come fall, it will air as a television special.

According to KCETLink Media Group, the online web series and television program will follow the food writer, author, and New York Times columnist across California. During the 10-part web series, Bittman will “explore leading research in food and health policies as well as sustainable agriculture by several University of California campuses,” reports KCETLink.

Interested in watching the series now? You can catch a new episode every two weeks, on Tuesday, here. The series hub will also publish other types of related content, such as programming that takes “a comprehensive look at issues around food” and will underscore California’s centrality to “global food discourse,” reports KCETLink:

“The online hub will host exclusive web content featuring interviews with respected food, farming, and nutrition experts interviewed by Bittman as well as related news stories and television segments from popular KCET television news programs.”

The tentative schedule for the series California Matters with Mark Bittman is below. (As you can see, he’ll cover everything from foraging to oyster farming. Pretty awesome, right?)

“Take a Walk on the Wild (Edibles) Side” (you can watch this episode now)

“Chowing Down on Chinese-American History”

“Looking Behind the Kitchen Door”

“What Oysters Reveal About Acidic Waters”

“What is the Buzz About Native Pollinators?”

“Serving Up School Lunches of Tomorrow”

“Keeping a Watchful Eye on Farm Families’ Health”

“Digging into the Roots of Organic Farming on Campus”

“Meet the Changing Faces of California Agriculture”

“Why California Really Does Matter”

Have you watched the series yet? If so, tell us what you think in the comments.

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Image courtesy of KCETLink Media Group