"Mommy, What's Global Warming?"

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Has your child ever asked you about global warming or expressed fears about its consequences?


It’s hard for adults to process the science, and the issue is even more complicated for children. So, do you know enough to answer questions from an informed perspective? How can you talk to your kids without overwhelming them? Can you find the resources you need to facilitate a discussion that increases your children’s understanding and empowers them to make a difference?

Help is available online. The National Wildlife Federation has launched Climate Classroom, a new website that offers guidelines for discussions with children, including:

  • When your children ask questions, allow them to explore the issues and lead the conversation.
  • As a parent, maintain an age-appropriate perspective. Don’t talk to an 8-year-old the same way you’d address your 13-year-old.
  • Speak positively about solutions. Teach your kids how they can contribute to the efforts to solve the problem.

Climate Classroom also provides answers to common questions kids ask about global warming.

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