Most Americans Want Action on Global Warming

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The overwhelming majority of Americans support action to limit carbon pollution and move the United States toward a clean energy future, according to 1,000 registered voters polled in December by the National Wildlife Federation.

“The American people can’t be more clear when it comes to solving global warming: They want the U.S. to be Rudolph out in front of the sleigh, leading the world toward a clean energy future,” says NWF Senior Vice President Jeremy Symons. “There is overwhelming public support for the Senate to pass legislation with firm limits on carbon pollution that will stimulate massive new investments in clean energy technologies.”

The poll’s results show:

  • 82% of voters support a federal investment in clean energy sources.
  • 67% support limits on carbon pollution and other gases that may cause global warming.
  • 91% of Democrats believe global warming is happening; 8% don’t.
  • 43% of Republications believe global warming is happening; 54% don’t.
  • 64% of Independents believe global warming is happening; 32% don’t.

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