Nickelodeon Universe to Offer Healthy, Organic Food Choices

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At 4.2 million sq. ft., Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, is the nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex, with more than 520 shops, the country’s largest indoor family amusement park, a 1.2 million-gallon walk-though aquarium and a 14-screen movie theater. Now, as Nickelodeon launches its new mall amusement park on March 15, children and parents can look forward to healthy organic meals.


More than 30 kids recently donned chef’s coats to sample the food choices to be served at Nickelodeon Universe (see photo). And while children can often be picky when it comes to healthy food, the result was overwhelmingly positive.

“The menu we’ve designed gives kids a chance to have fun and ‘play’ with their food,” says Chef Keith Keogh of Chicago-based Levy Restaurants. “While it’s incredibly rewarding to create food that’s nutritious, it was even more rewarding to see the kids dive in. Food should be good. People should enjoy it and, in this case, kids should enjoy it.”

Levy has tapped many of its creative, culinary and operational experts to develop fresh and innovative menu offerings, including organic, natural and locally grown foods and dishes, as well as new twists on theme park favorites and ethnically diverse tastes.

“This partnership means healthier food offerings and more options,” says Mall of America Executive VP Maureen Bausch. “In fact, we expect that our food, like our rides, will become a destination.”

Photo courtesy of Mall of America

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