Oprah Winfrey Launches Frozen Cauliflower Pizza Range

Oprah Winfrey Launches Frozen Cauliflower Pizza Range
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A lot of things come to mind when you hear the name Oprah Winfrey. The free cars, the tears, Tom Cruise jumping up and down on the couch… There’s the book club, the network, the speech. But…pizza night? That last one might not be on your radar. But that may soon change as Oprah’s O, That’s Good! line with Kraft Heinz has just launched into the frozen pizza category.

The new pizzas aim to take a slightly healthier spin on the classic. They’re all made with cauliflower crusts. While pizzerias may stick to traditional wheat-based doughs, a growing number of manufacturers of frozen pizza are working this cruciferous veggie into pizza crusts. Fans swear it’s tasteless in the crusts, too, upping the healthy veg profile of everyone’s favorite food.

But that may be about as healthy as the pizzas get.

The line includes a Five Cheese Pizza, Uncured Pepperoni Pizza, Supreme Pizza, and Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza. Despite the growing demand for vegan and plant-based options, none of the pizzas are dairy-free.

Still, the mogul hopes to make quick meals healthier.

Oprah Winfrey Launches Frozen Cauliflower Pizza Range

It took a lot of trial and error to get the crust just right,” Winfrey told People Magazine. “There’s room for pizza in my life, and in anyone’s life, but you’ve got to balance it.”

This isn’t Winfrey’s first foray into food; the O, That’s Good Line also includes soups and sides. She’s invested in Weight Watchers, and most recently, became an investor in True Food Kitchen — the West Coast-based restaurant chain started by Dr. Andrew Weil.

And in true Oprah fashion, there’s a charitable component to the line. Ten percent of all profits will go to various organizations working to combat hunger issues.

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