Organic Blueberry-Mint Limeade

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Fall may have arrived, but we’re going to endure triple-digit temperatures in Southern California next week. 

While water is the best way to stay hydrated, blueberry juice provides a special antioxidant-rich treat. 

Today’s recipe adds a blueberry twist to traditional limeade. All of the ingredients should be available at a well-stocked natural and organic food store. 

Note: For cocktail hour, check out our previously posted recipe for Organic Blueberry Mojitos.

Organic Blueberry-Mint Limeade 

Makes 8 servings

1/2 cup fresh organic mint
4 cups organic limeade
4 cups organic blueberry juice blend or nectar

  1. Chop fresh mint.
  2. Pour limeade into a glass measuring cup, and fill to the 1/2-cup mark.
  3. Add mint, and crush it with a muddler or wooden spoon until well mixed. Let steep for 5 minutes to infuse flavors.
  4. Place mint mixture in a pitcher, and add remaining juices.
  5. Serve over ice, and garnish with extra mint leaves, if desired.

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