Organic Brands Take Top Honors in Firm Tofu Taste Test

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When Cooking Light magazine sampled firm tofu brands for its 2010 Taste Test Awards, two organic products achieved top honors:

  1. Melissa’s Organic took the grand prize for its “slight nuttiness” and “meaty consistency.”
  2. Nasoya Organic placed second for its softer texture, which “still stands up to wok-browning.”

Los Angeles-based Melissa’s makes three types of organic tofu: Soft, Firm and Extra Firm.

Ayer, MA-based Nasoya makes six types of organic tofu: Firm, Extra Firm, Cubed, Soft, Silken and Light Silken. The company has also launched an online “university” called Tofu U.

“For many Americans who grew up cooking with ground beef and eggs, tofu can be intimidating,” explains Susan Ronick, Nasoya’s vice president of marketing. “It isn’t a staple in American kitchens. When people learn where I work, I often hear, ‘I bought some tofu once, and it sat in my fridge until I threw it out. I just didn’t know what to do with it.’ Tofu U is here to help and change that attitude.”

Remember to pack tofu or other proteins into your wellness plan during cold and flu season. A Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie, made with organic vanilla soymilk, is the perfect fall beverage.

Photos: House of Sims, Nasoya

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