Organic Coconut Milk

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Organic coconut milk is an extremely versatile product that can be used in place of regular milk in many dishes.


When mashing sweet potatoes, for example, I add butter and lite coconut milk, mixing until I’ve achieved the desired consistency. I sometimes boost the recipe by adding half a mashed banana for an African-inspired side dish.

Thai Kitchen introduced organic coconut milk two years ago, available in both Organic Regular and Organic Lite varieties.

“Our coconut milks have always been the leaders in flavor and quality,” said Marketing Director John Wright at the time. “As more and more people are seeking out organic products, we wanted to offer those consumers products that fit their needs and met our standards of being the finest coconut milks in the world.”

Thai Kitchen’s coconut milks are all-natural, with no preservatives, chemical additives or processing aids, and they meet USDA Organic Standards. You can find them at your local natural and organic food store, and they’re also available for sale online on A 14-oz. can sells for $1.84. (Shopping links: Organic Regular and Organic Lite.)

Tune in tomorrow for more coconut milk suggestions from top chefs.

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