Organic Cooking: How to Grill Chicken


When you grill chicken, juices often drip onto the coals or grate, creating a flare-up. How can you prevent burned food or, even worse, a potentially dangerous fire?


The secret to good grilling is the right temperature, according to the culinary experts at Foster Farms. Barbecue on a grill that’s not hot enough, and your chicken will end up sticking to it. Barbecue on a grill that’s too hot, and you could end up with flare-ups.

Make sure the grill has been cleaned before grilling chicken. Often, buildup from previous use provides “fuel for the fire” and invites flare-ups.

Flare-ups also occur when fats like oil drip onto hot coals. Solution: Trim away any unnecessary fat.

Once a flare-up occurs, move your chicken to a cooler spot on the grill to avoid exacerbating the problem and burning your meal. This method is also called using “indirect heat.”

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