Organic Divina Greek Olive Mix

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Critics are raving about Organic Divina Greek Olive Mix from New York City-based FoodMatch, Inc. Company President Phil Meldrum believes in using only the finest raw ingredients in all of his products.


The olives used in the Greek Olive Mix are cultivated and naturally cured without pesticides, coloring or additives. This mix blends fruity, full-bodied organic kalamata olives and firm, floral, organic green Amfissa olives for what Meldrum calls “a true crowd pleaser.”

The mix, sold in 10.2-oz. jars, is the perfect accompaniment for wine and cheese. You’ll find it in the mixes and marinades section of your local natural and organic food store. Shelf life is 2 years at room temperature.

If you cannot find Organic Divina Greek Olive Mix at your local market, call the company’s toll-free customer-service line at (800) 350-3411 to find a retailer near you.

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