Organic Egg Whites Cut Calories, Fat, Cholesterol

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Exercise physiologist Bob Greene, Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer and author of The Best Life Diet Cookbook, is a firm believer in the concept of breakfast for dinner. 

“Breakfast-style fare can provide a flavorful and filling family dinner, with only minutes spent in the kitchen,” he says. 

To reduce your intake of calories, fat and cholesterol, Greene recommends substituting protein-packed egg whites for some of the whole eggs used in recipes. To simplify prep time, he uses AllWhites and Better’n Eggs (not organic), but you can purchase a brand like Organic Valley Pasteurized Egg Whites. About 3 tablespoons of these products equal one egg, and 1/4 cup has only 25 calories, 0 g fat and 0 mg cholesterol. 

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from buying a carton of organic eggs and separating the whites and yolks. If you can’t seem to cleanly crack or separate an egg to save your life, you can always invest in a foolproof egg separator

Be sure to tune in Thursday for Greene’s Easter brunch-ready frittata recipe. In the meantime, check out our previously posted recipe for Sesame-Ginger Frittata with Broccoli and Shrimp, which also substitutes egg whites for some of the eggs.

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