Organic Gardening: Zoo Poop!

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Elephants and rhinos and hippos, oh my! I never thought of them as a premium source of organic compost.


That’s the premise behind ZooPoop, a specially formulated, odorless organic compost tea that, according to the company’s founders, produces “jumbo results in your garden and house plants.”

Rich in plant nutrients, the product’s name sums it up: zoo animal “poop” that’s an extraction of composted elephant, rhino and hippo manure, plus plant materials.

“ZooPoop improves both physical condition and fertility of the soil,” the company notes, adding that it makes plants healthier by improving aeration, root penetration and water retention, while reducing crusting of the soil surface. ZooPoop compost also adds texture to heavy clay soils, making it easier to work, and aids nutrient retention of sandy soils. It can be used dry or as a tea, and it’s odorless when wet or dry.

ZooPoop is sold in a 4-lb. bag (four 1-lb. packs per bag) for $18.95. Shipping via FedEx Ground is $9.85 for one bag and $13.95 for 2 bags.

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