Organic Living: The Trouble With Buffets (Part 2)

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So, how do you approach a buffet table and not overindulge?


For starters, remind yourself that a variety of choices is available for the pleasure of choosing what you want, not as an expectation to gorge.

Next, look over the whole range of food selections before you begin filling your plate. Decide which choices appeal to you most. And remember: This is not your last meal. Whatever selections you don’t choose today may be enjoyed another time.

Try to take an amount of food that will satisfy your hunger without leaving you overstuffed. While some diners are satisfied with a few bites of many different selections, others find small tasting portions to be an exercise in frustration.

Another suggestion: Try taking about one-fourth to one-third of your normal portions, but practice a bit of selectivity when choosing how many dishes to sample. As you walk away from the buffet table, your plate should not be heaped sky-high.

—Karen Collins, MS, RD, American Institute for Cancer Research

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