Organic Living: The Trouble With Buffets (Part 3)

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To assemble a healthful, satisfying meal, consider the following guidelines: 

  • Be sure to include a protein source—preferably poultry, fish, lean meat, low-fat cheese, beans, eggs or tofu. 
  • Choose some form of complex carbohydrate (for example, potatoes, noodles, bread or rice). 
  • Select plenty of vegetables and fruit. For good health, experts recommend filling no more than one-third of your plate with animal protein, balanced by at least two-thirds vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans. 

By approaching buffets with more logic and less impulse, you can easily avoid nutritional pitfalls and enjoy a meal that’s both healthful and pleasurable. 

Resist the desire to reach for everything that catches your eye, and avoid going back for seconds without thinking. When all is said and done, you’ll be unlikely to lament, “I only wish I’d eaten more.”

—Karen Collins, MS, RD, American Institute for Cancer Research

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